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Client Charter

Like all lawyers, we understand the law. Unlike all lawyers we make certain that we understand you and your needs.


We are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland (which can be found at  ) but we try to work in a way which is different to the majority of firms.


We look to work with you by providing a service which is both professional and personal and which keeps you informed at every stage.


This document is part of that process. Even before we fully start work on your behalf we think it is important you understand the way we work and how much we charge for our work.


Our Commitment To You

We aim to:

? Return phone calls and emails the same day, even if that means a call outside office hours when, for example, we are in Court or in a client company meeting for a full day

? Reply to all letters within 48 hours

? Be pro-active, approachable and responsive


Our Fees

We may have agreed with you a fixed fee for the work stated on our website. We charge by the hour for any extra work you ask us to do. If extra work is required we will always discuss this with you and agree an hourly rate for that work. These charges are all subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.


In the case of extra work we often cannot be clear how much the total costs will be. That is because the extent of work necessary will not then be known and/or is largely dependent upon the actions of another party involved. We will however tell you every month how much the costs are at that point. If you indicate a budget beyond which we must not go without your permission, then of course we will keep to that figure. If the amount of work required of us becomes clear, we will tell you how much the bill for that work will be.


Your Commitment To Us

Fixed fees are always payable in advance but for any extra work we will invoice you for the work done at the end of each month and ask that you pay within 14 days. We reserve the right to charge for reminder letters and interest upon any amounts outstanding after the 14-day interest free period at 15%.


Asking you to pay in this way helps us maintain our cash flow and keep our bank charges to a minimum. This in turn helps us to keep the rates we charge you as low as possible. This is very important to us and indeed all our clients; so much so, that it is our practice to cease work on a case if the invoice is not paid on time. We must also ask that you pay to us fees that we have to pay out on your behalf?Company check fees, Court fees, barrister?s costs and so on?promptly as they become payable.



We pride ourselves on good communication and relations with you. If, however, you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our service please raise the issue with the person dealing with your case. You will find that they approach your concerns with speed and respect.


If we have not given a service above your expectation, then we genuinely want to know. We can operate an informal check or instigate our formal complaints procedure (a copy of which is available upon request).


Who is Dealing With The Case?

We have a team of specialist solicitors. Your solicitor will send you their complete contact information.


Money Laundering

Like all lawyers, we are required by law to apply procedures to guard against money laundering. You'll be familiar with these from dealing with your bank. We'll need to have items to prove your ID (such as a passport and utility bill) and will have to make detailed enquiries of you occasionally especially if you send to us any cash or money from an account that is not obviously normally operated by you (and especially if you ask us to send money other than to such an account).


At Any Time...

If you think there is anything we could do better, please tell us!



Carlisle House

Adelaide Road


Co. Wicklow

Tel: 1890 30 31 32




LawPlus Solicitors provide excellent legal services in the areas of Family Law, Employment Law, Home Law and Commercial Law related matters.

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